About this blog

After years of research into Anglo-Saxon literature and religious practice, I’ve started this blog in order to share some of the fascinating things I’ve come across, the small things that don’t make it into my formal publications.  My favourite posts include:

I mostly write about Anglo-Saxon prayer, liturgy, medicine, and manuscript studies – inevitably, most of my posts revolve around my small group of pet manuscripts – but I sometimes branch out into other subjects, such as Middle English literature, museums and exhibitions, and academic life.  I have a particular interest in finding connections across cultures and across time.

As explained in this post, the title was partly inspired by the fact that ‘wynn’ is an Anglo-Saxon word for ‘joy’, and these are some of the discoveries that I have most enjoyed making; I do hope that you enjoy this blog.

All views expressed are my own.


Blog header image from London, British Library Additional MS 49598, f. 19v, the Benedictional of St Æthelwold, depicting St John the Evangelist.