About my research

Current academic position:

Research Associate, Centre for Medieval Studies, University of York



Forthcoming work:

Before the Books of Hours: Late Anglo-Saxon Prayer Programs in Practice. Medieval Institute Publications, University of Western Michigan


Published articles:

‘The Vespasian Psalter.’  Entry in Robert Rouse and Sian Echard, eds., The Wiley-Blackwell Encyclopedia of Medieval British Literature (2017)

‘Which Psalms were Important to the Anglo-Saxons? The Psalms in Eleventh-Century Private Prayer and Medical Remedies.’  English Studies, 98:1 (2017): 35-48

De Laude Psalmorum and Ælfwine’s Prayerbook: A Quotation from a Carolingian Psalm Devotional in a Late Anglo-Saxon Programme for Morning Prayer.’  Notes and Queries, 59:4 (2012): 479-83


Doctoral thesis:

The Meaning, Practice and Context of Private Prayer in Late Anglo-Saxon England.  University of York, 2011.



Sacred Communities, Shared Devotions: Gender, Material Culture, and Monasticism in Late Medieval Germany by June L. Mecham.  Women’s History Review, 24:4 (2015): 645-7

Between Earth and Heaven: Liminality and the Ascension of Christ in Anglo-Saxon Literature by Johanna Kramer.  Review of English Studies, 66:275 (2015): 565-6


Guest posts/interviews:

CMS Research Associates: Dr Kate Thomas.  Centre of Medieval Studies, University of York

Making Mischief: an Interview with a Mankind Cast Member.  HIDden Theatre, March 2016

Anglo-Saxon Riddles.  Translations for the York Festival of Ideas, June 2017


Social media:

Academia.edu: york.academia.edu/KateThomas

Twitter: @For_the_Wynn

Facebook: facebook.com/forthewynnblog


One thought on “About my research

  1. Intriguing! New follow here. I’m certainly not a scholar as you, but have enjoyed reading biographies on Jerome, Chrysostom, St Francis and John Wesley. Also enjoyed Eusebius’ work (Ecc. History–very modern version…with photos!) and Auggie’s “Confessions” (except the last two chapters, which were so far beyond me, no matter–good for the brain I suppose.) And in your “About this blog”, you mentioned something about the importance of vomit–as a nurse, I do understand that….

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