Four are the elements from which the rainbow takes its colours

Rainbow CotDomAi28v
London, British Library Cotton MS Domitian A I, f. 28v

Quadricolor enim est . ex omnibus elementis in se rapit species.  De celo enim trahit igneum colorem . de aquis purpureum . de aere album de terris collegit nigrum.

For it [the rainbow] is of four colours, and takes its appearance from all of the elements into itself.  From the sky it draws the fiery colour, from the waters purple, from the air white, and from the earth it gathers black.

Four are the woods from which Christ’s cross was built

Four are the gospelists who wrote down the life of Christ

The Cologne Gospels: London, British Library Harley MS 2820

Four are the horsemen at the world’s end

Spanish 11th-century manuscript image of the four horsemen of the apocalypse
London, British Library Add MS 11695, f. 102v

Four are the years of this blog: thank you to all my readers!


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  1. I have really enjoyed your posts and thought they were very educational! Thank you for posting!


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